Observations of Difference

So I’ve been here for a little while now, and apart from the obvious differences between the UK and Mexico (food, climate, language) I’ve noticed a few other little things.

1. Machismo and Malinchismo. Club entry… free for girls and internationals.

So I’ll start with the bad. A lot of the clubs here offer free entry and even open bars to girls. There has been talk about Mexican machismo in the news recently and, here in Puebla, gender roles do seem to be very traditional and restrictive. Although this club offer may seem to benefit women, it seems like it is ultimately intended to benefit men. More drunk girls = more happy (creepy) men. Yay.

The word Malinchismo I learned just the other day. It means to have a preference for all things foreign. I was told that this was definitely the case for the Mexican President, Enrique Peña Nieto, but it also seems true for the clubs here to an extent. One event was advertised as an event for international students and luckily for us: “They are only charging the cover to those who are Mexicans”. Seemed quite twisted but we went anyway and the club was awful. Go figure.

2. Dogs are more…free here. Expect when they’re on roofs.
There are a ton of dogs just walking about on the streets, roads, parking lots. I assume that most have owners (a couple have been wearing shirts for dogs) but they seem like they’re just kind of left to their own devices… Except sometimes you see dogs left on roofs, maybe for protection purposes? They bark like crazy, peering over the edge, seemingly willing themselves to get the courage to jump. Quite sad!

3. You can’t flush toilet paper down the toilet.
Here in Puebla at least, with the old pipes, you’re not supposed to flush toilet paper down the toilet. The idea of just putting it in a bin is kinda gross but you get used to it.

4. The parties.
A live band? A mechanical bull? Everyone dancing salsa or bachata perfectly? There my friend is a great party, though very different from what I’m used to. I wish we had more parties like this at home as I felt woefully ill-equipped to dance!

5. The phenomenon of adult braces.
I noticed in my first week that I’d seen about five adults with braces – more than I’ve ever seen in my whole life at home (and that includes Ugly Betty)! My family friend explained that as people here have been getting a bit more cash, dentistry has really taken off. I guess a winning smile is valued, even if it comes late. Fair play.

6. In Mexican slang, it’s all about the mother.
I’m honestly a little baffled by the intricacies of the slang here but this is what I think I’ve gathered…
*A toda madre (all mother) = totally awesome
*Madres! (Mothers!) = to express surprise
*Me vale madre (it means mother to me) = I don’t give a fuck
*Esa cosa esta de poca madre (This thing is of little mother) = cool
*Que poca madre tienes (what little mother you have) = he/she has no shame, jerk
*Una madre (a mother) = thing e.g. Que es esta madre? What is this thing?
If you wanna just simply say fuck you? Chinga tu madre.

Not sure why mothers have to be brought into it all the time but there you go. For the fathers out there, don’t feel left out… Que padre = How cool!






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